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[Completed - 8/8 - 4:45AM] Scheduled Downtime for all AT Services - 8/7 11pm to 8/8 8am

Update - 8/8/12 - 4:45AM: Academic Technology systems are back online and available.

All Academic Technology systems including iLearn, CourseStream, DIVA, and Library eReserves will be unavailable starting on Tuesday, August 7th at 11pm through Wednesday, August 8th at 8am. This is required as part of a move of all AT servers and will help improve overall up-time.

Cleaning old courses to prepare for Fall 2012

As part of the iLearn update performed on July 30th, 2012 (making the Fall 2012 courses available), direct access to past archived courses from academic year 2008-2009 (Fall 2008, Winter 2009, Spring 2009, and Summer 2009) will no longer be directly available within the iLearn environment.

We know that some faculty continue to reference these past courses so we will continue to provide access to these material by request through the AT Help Desk. To make a request, send an email to with the following information:

  • Course Name
  • Course Section
  • Semester of Course

An iLearn backup zip file will be sent that can be restored into a Fall 2012 course shell or unzipped to gain access to files contained within the course. The support team can answer any additional questions.

This particular step was necessary as these very early semesters of iLearn had been running on old equipment that was no longer viable. Each academic year also requires Academic Technology to maintain a new instance of iLearn and as they get older, they become more costly to maintain for continued access, security, and compatibility with more recent versions of iLearn.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Academic Technology help desk via email, phone at 415-405-5555, chat via the iLearn help block from within any iLearn course, or SMS to 510-5-ILEARN.

We thank you for your understanding.

Scheduled downtime for iLearn July 30, 2012 to enable Fall 2012 classes

On July 30, 2012 from 6:00AM to 10:00AM, iLearn will be down to allow us to enable the Fall 2012 semester courses. All other AT services will not be affected, but users will not be able to log in to iLearn during this time. Once we come back up, Fall 2012 courses will be available by clicking on "Show all my courses" and then on the Fall 2012 tab.

[Cancelled] Scheduled downtime for hardware maintenance July 17th

Update July 16, 2012 7:00PM: The downtime has been cancelled.

Original message: On July 17, 2012, all Academic Technology online applications including iLearn, Coursestream, DIVA and others will be down for a required hardware maintenance period from 4:00AM to 12:00PM (noon) in order to prepare for and guarantee the stability of our systems for the coming Fall semester. All AT online services will not be available during this time.


  • Reason: Hardware maintenance
  • Date: July 17, 2012
  • Time: 04:00AM - 12:00PM

Summer Session 2012 has begun

Summer Session 2012 has begun. iLearn summer courses are available and faculty should check the start of the semester checklist for tips and tricks on smoothly starting the semster with iLearn.

Congratulations on completing the Spring 2012 semester!

Enjoy your summer!

Advice on taking quizzes on iLearn

When taking a quiz on iLearn, take time to read the details that are posted before attempting a quiz. The description page for the quiz will tell you important information on when the quiz will open, how long you have to take the quiz, if you can take more than one attempt and when the quiz will close. Note that if the quiz is timed, the countdown continues even if you are logged out of iLearn. Clicking on the Save without submitting button will save your progress, but it does not pause the timer.

If there are short answer questions, exact spelling is required. If you enter an answer that is misspelled, iLearn will mark it as incorrect.

Make sure you are not using any other network intensive applications while taking a quiz, such as streaming video or audio, or running any large downloads in the background. We generally recommend using a wired connection whenever possible when taking a quiz, as sometimes WiFi connections can drop out and prevent you from submitting a quiz successfully.

As a final reminder, make sure you do not wait until the last minute to do your quizzes and exams on iLearn. The later you wait, the higher the risk you are taking of a technical problem happening. The helpdesk will be open throughout finals during our normal hours of 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. We cannot answer emails, phone, or offer chat support outside of those hours.

Good luck on all your quizzes and final exam!

Service restored (2/03/2012 6:12AM)

iLearn service was restored at 6:12AM on Friday, February 3, 2012 after our scheduled emergency downtime to improve iLearn performance.

Feature enhancements coming for Fall 2011

Coming in Fall 2011, iLearn will have some feature enhancements to the gradebook, drag and drop, backup, restore and import, and an exciting new way to gain access to eReserve material.

Gradebook enhancements

One of the most requested features for the iLearn gradebook is the ability for grades to automatically be saved as soon as they are entered. We have made this possible in the gradebook, and manually entered grades will now save automatically as you enter them. Letter grades will now also be visible on the main grader report for both the course total and for any category totals you have in your courses. These features will be rolled out during maintenance builds before the Fall 2011 semester begins.


Materials that instructors have scanned into eReserves will now be available directly in iLearn. Students will be able to access these materials directly in their classes as soon as they are added to eReserves.

HTML editor

Pages with multiple HTML editors will no longer show HTML code when not being actively edited. Selecting the next editable field with then display the HTML editor for that editable region.


Course import

Course import no longer has a limit on file size. Before this change, imported courses could be no larger than 200MB. This will enable courses with large numbers of files to be able be imported without intervention from the Academic Technology HelpDesk.

Programs and Organizations

The Programs and Organizations sites in iLearn are being renamed to Collaborative Sites. The PROG/ORG block will reflect this, and be renamed to Collaborative Sites/

i<Clicker integration

Users of i<Clicker will now be able to register their clicker devices directly in iLearn and instructors will be able to import grades directly from the clicker software into the iLearn gradebook. This change will be rolled out in a maintenance build before the Fall 2011 semester begins.

Scheduled Downtime Thursday, April 28 from 6:00AM to 8:00AM

iLearn will be down on Thursday morning from 6:00AM to 8:00AM for scheduled maintenance of iLearn servers. iLearn will be unavailable at this time.


  • Date: April 28, 2011
  • Time: Approximately 06:00AM - 08:00AM
  • Reason: Required maintenance of iLearn servers


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